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Save the planet and soothe your baby by checking out New Additions’ range of eco-friendly baby products! 


From bamboo swaddles to dummies, teethers, burp cloths, sensory developers, wooden toys, and so much more, we have an astonishing selection of baby stuff that will help to keep your world green and your little one clean. Get on board with your baby on board and browse our selection today!

New Additions’ Eco-Friendly Baby Product Range 

Welcome to

New Additions


New Additions puts the focus on eco-friendly baby products. We understand the plight and perils of your journey of bringing up a baby; we are parents ourselves. We stock a variety of organic baby products made by parents, for parents! At New Additions we strive to offer you the best sustainable baby products imaginable. As a result, you can ensure your little one is well-rested, and your job is as soothing and stress-free as can be. 


We aim to provide you with environmentally friendly products where possible from bamboo swaddles and wooden toys to even re-using our packaging. Our gender-neutral designs are inspired by nature, ensuring that no child feels left out! 


It is our responsibility to help guide our children to a kinder world and a cleaner future. As parents, we understand that giving your children the best chance in life is all we wish to do. 


If you wish to learn more about the New Additions vision, or what essentials you need to know, then get in touch with the friendly New Additions team today. We are more than happy to help with our expertise!

New Additions' Best Selling Baby Stuff

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Stacking Cups

Your little one will love playing around with their new stacking cups, they are very versitile and can be used both in sand and water to enjoy the textured features.


Changing Bags

Not only stylish but practical as well.

Their large capacity will allow you to fit all your baby's needs from multiple milk bottles to numerous changes of clothes.

Image (8).jpeg

Muslin Gift Sets

Eco-friendly gift sets are the perfect gift to welcome new additions. The 3-piece set comprises a wooden teether, wooden dummy clip, and Muslin comforter.

At New Additions we stock only the most diverse collection of eco-friendly baby products. 


We have plenty of BIBS Dummies, dummy clips, and teethers for when your little one wants something to bite on. 


Comforters, muslins, and blankets are there for when you need to wrap up and send your newborn to dreamland. 


Both our burp cloths and bibs are vital infant accessories for when parents need to clean up the little accidents their new additions will inevitably make. 


Our line of baby changing bags can be a lifesaver when you’re planning a trip with your baby. 


If you’re searching for that perfect and unique baby present, look no further than our range of baby gift ideas. 


Finally, no collection of baby stuff would be complete without baby toys for when your child needs entertainment. 


New Additions are proud to offer this wide variety of sustainable baby products and, best of all, they’re 100% eco-friendly! So, check out our range and help to keep the earth green. 

We put Sustainability at the Heart of what we do

When we say, “sustainable baby products”, we mean products that are both earth-friendly and environmentally sound, helping to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint on the world. The New Additions lines of organic baby products promote sustainability and actively contribute to green living, helping to conserve resources and prevent unwanted contributions to air, water, and land pollution. 


At New Additions, we ensure we source natural textiles wherever possible, making use of highly sustainable bamboo and beechwood in the manufacturing process of our goods. 


New Additions goes the extra mile to ensure that highly damaging, single-use plastics are minimally used. Products like our Dummy Clips help to make the earth a little greener by using BPA-free, food-grade silicone beads, and the Large Bamboo Muslin Swaddles utilise the eco-benefits of bamboo! 


Bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as trees, which is why they are known to act as carbon sinks. It also generates a high amount of oxygen, totalling up to 30% more than most plants and trees, and uses no pesticides! 


Come and make a global contribution that is also convenient to you, and check out our range of eco-friendly baby products, ideal for healthy new additions to your family unit!

Some of New Additions’ finest baby stuff is not only selling at an alarming rate, but they’re also doing wonders for the sustainability of the planet. 


Our beautifully designed set of 8 sensory stacking cups are ideal for your little one to hold and develop their hand-eye coordination skills. We also have an eco-friendly muslin gift set that is the perfect gift to welcome new additions. The 3-piece set comprises a wooden teether, wooden dummy clip, and Muslin comforter. Having our beads made of food-grade silicone and natural Beechwood helps to increase sustainability and keeps the world a little greener. Our changing bags are both stylish and practical, but also built with an emphasis on robust design and waste reduction.


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Organic Baby Products for Healthy New Additions

Organic baby products are not only the healthiest choice when it comes to your child, but they are also the way of the future. It has been shown that sustainable baby products are the best choice when it comes to keeping your newborn healthy and happy. The lack of prohibited substances, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides means your child won’t have their still-developing immune and nervous systems bothered whilst they play.


At New Additions, our mission is to get environmentally friendly baby products into your infant’s crib. Adopting sustainable alternatives to harmful elements can go a long way, and be assured that, with our focus on bringing your newborn goods that are 100% organic and non-toxic, New Additions are here to help you achieve the mindfulness needed to become a more sustainable consumer. 


If you want to find out more about New Additions'mission to provide eco-friendly baby products to parents, get in touch with our staff, we’re always happy to help!

New Additions FAQs

What are the most popular baby items?

By all accounts, some of the most popular baby items across the board are teethers and comforters. This is because your baby's teeth tend to poke through their delicate gums, causing a ton of whining and crying, as well as their plentiful endeavours to gnaw on anything and everything they see. Teethers like the crochet teethers we sell tend to be extremely popular, because the silicone helps massage and soothe their sore gums whilst the wood relieves pressure and helps budding teeth pop through, all in the service of relieving discomfort. Their budding mixture of the perfect textures and ideal grip size allows your baby to both play and safely have something to chew on. If you want more clarity regarding the most popular baby items around, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our staff at New Additions. They can provide you with all the answers you could need.

What are the best organic baby products?

New Additions wants to ensure parents that we only stock the finest organic baby products around! On the New Additions website, one of the best products that you can find is our baby burps made of 100% cotton (or bamboo) that are compact enough to carry around with great multi-application for feeds, burping, or splashing in the bath. If it’s toys you need, we offer wooden rattles which are made of beautifully sleek organic beechwood. The beechwood is untreated and can be maintained using a food-safe oil such as coconut oil to restore and keep from cracking. Plenty of similar products occupy the New Additions domain so don’t hesitate to browse if you require organic baby products. If you have further questions about the best organic baby products on the market, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our staff: they can provide you with all the answers you could need!

What does it mean for a product to be organic?

When packaged products indicate they are “made organic” this is usually an indication that they contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients. The remaining 30% of non-organic ingredients are produced without prohibited practices, such as genetic engineering, but they can still include substances that aren’t included in products labelled 100% organic. For a product to be called organic, all of its elements have to have been grown on soil that had no artificial substances, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The elements that make up the organic product must also adhere to the strict guidelines set by organisations, such as the FDA, that concern the use of additives, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, amongst other things. New Additions are proud to offer our customers top-of-the-line products that are not only ideal for your baby but also 100% organic in every sense of the word. If you want more clarity regarding our products' organic qualities, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our staff. They can provide you with all the answers you could need.

Which products are best for newborn babies?

One of the best products for newborn babies you can buy from New Additions is our enriching and eco-friendly Sensory Set. It gives your newborn the perfect opportunity to experiment with different textures and feelings as they go through a more turbulent time in their development. This six-piece extravaganza is composed of 100% natural beechwood and features certified classics such as the silicone circle Stacking Set, the Rabbit Ear Teething Ring, the Wooden/Silicone & Crochet teething ring, Stacking Cups, Wooden Rattle, and the Soft Bunny Rattle Gym toy. As one of the more eclectic editions in our store, the Sensory Set features smooth and comfortable organic material that will help promote healthy hand-eye coordination and motor skills in your newborn! With their pastel and earthy tones, the sensory set can provide your newborn baby with endless hours of fun playing and building. New Additions are proud of our range and confident to say that we provide some of the best products for newborn babies on the internet! For more information on our range, don’t be afraid to contact our team to get a second opinion.

Where can I buy baby accessories?

The New Additions shop section is the best place to browse and purchase all the baby accessories you need. You will find a comprehensive selection of some of the greatest organic baby products available on the internet within our inventory. Whilst our competitors may suffer from a lack of a dynamic virtual store and delivery process, New Additions faces no such problems with amazing products such as the Baby Gym Teddy, Stacking Cups, and the Stacking Tower all being readily available with the simple click of a button. Thanks to the intricate organisation of our designers, the user interface has been constructed to easily be able to locate what you are looking for in an instant, with the ability to sort and filter what works for by price, size, design, and colour. New Additions, much like our fiercest of competitors, are decked out with some of the finest organic baby products on the market. Don’t be afraid to contact our staff online if you need help pinning down exactly what it is you need, or how to utilise the virtual tools at your disposal.

What are the necessities for a newborn baby?

New Additions understands that there is a fine line between products that are nice to have and products that are necessary to ensure your baby’s safety! Most would usually agree when it comes to clothing for your newborn, it’s vital to have snap-crotch onesies, snap-up rompers, shirt-and-pant sets, pyjamas, cardigan sweaters, booties, and socks, and baby hangers for the closet. One of the best essentials New Additions have to offer is our Muslin Comforters, which are super soft and delicate for your baby’s skin, crucial if you want your newborn to have a quick and comfy nap time! Another necessity to keep an eye out for is your newborn's first toy! Check out our selection of sleekly designed Dummy Clips or our Sensory Set with stacking cups and rattles perfect for when you need to keep your newborn entertained for hours on end.

When should I buy baby stuff?

The professionals and experts have all debated exactly what specifically is the best time to start shopping for baby stuff. But across the board, there is a universal agreement that when you’re between 13 weeks to 20 weeks pregnant, you should start browsing online for the best baby stuff on the market. This gives you an ample amount of preparation time. New Additions are fully aware of the troublesome and stressful times expectant couples can face when they have a multitude of products on their shopping list. Knowing this, our staff are completely understanding and here to provide you with advice for the best baby stuff to start with, where you should start, and when the best time to start is. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and direct any niggling questions you may have towards them.

How do you be a more sustainable consumer?

Being a sustainable consumer is more a state of mind that involves responsible consumption and regularly taking active steps to reduce your carbon footprint and usage of the Earth’s natural resources. To become a more sustainable customer, New Additions would recommend that you prioritise buying organic, eco-friendly, and reusable products when you can and also be on the lookout for products in recyclable packaging. You can reduce textile waste by keeping a set amount of clothes that are perpetual in style and handy for different occasions. Supporting local initiatives also goes a long way in leaving the world a little greener. Minimal waste living with reusable bags and containers is also another way to be more environmentally sound. Adopting sustainable alternatives to daily products can go a long way. The most important element is that you are mindful of what you’re buying and informed about what can be done to assist. Paying attention to labels such as the Fair Trade certification helps a lot. Rest assured, with our focus on bringing newborn products that are eco-friendly and built to last, New Additions are here to help you achieve the mindfulness needed to become a more sustainable consumer. If ever you have any questions about how to become more sustainable than you are, don’t be afraid to ask the New Additions team for help, our experts can help you take a little leap in a big way!