Stacking cups

  • 8 Pice set
  • Pastel & earth tone
  • Multi-use
  • Textured features
  • Great for hand-eye coordination.
  • 11.8'' high when stacked

      3.5'' high inter stackable 




Stacking cups

  • This beautifully designed set of 8 sensory stacking cups are ideal for your little one to hold and develop their hand-eye coordination skills. With pastel and earthy tones in the sensory set, your child will have endless fun building their tower before knocking it down and starting all over again.

    Not only are they great fun for your little one they also help with your child’s development 

    • They develop and improve their fine motor skills.
    • The skills learned in the early development of building things are fundamental skills for future learning with hand and brain symmetry.
    • From the age of 6 months your child through using building sensory stacking cups will help develop their body and brain.


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